The quality of petrol undoubtedly affects the overall performance of a vehicle. Lower quality petrol not only adversely affects your car’s engine, but also pollutes the environment by emitting harmful greenhouse gasses that are hazardous to health. With time, as the environmental enthusiasts began warning the world about the damage to the environment by pollutants and toxins, experts have been recommending the use of premium quality Euro 5 petrol with a higher-octane rate, as it helps the car squeeze in more mileage in the same amount of petrol and has several other environment related benefits.

Until recently, the high-quality Euro 5 Fuel wasn’t in reach for the vehicles in Pakistan. PSO became the first oil marketing company in the country that has managed to make the world class Euro 5 standard Hi-Octane 97 fuel available in Pakistan. PSO lead the fuel revolution to recognise that as a nation, we owe it to the future generations to bequeath to them a planet worth living in.

Clean air is an essential element for human survival. While many people suggest waking up early in the morning to breathe the fresh air to reap its countless benefits, PSO wants citizens of Pakistan to do their part in making the air that surrounds them cleaner, purer and healthier. Moreover, this Euro 5 Fuel can help Pakistan achieve its transport objectives through reduced CO2 emissions, as well as energy efficiency.

This initiative of PSO, aimed at creating awareness about improving the vehicle’s performance along with making the environment clean and green is being lauded by myriad celebrities such as Zara Noor, Shehryar Munawar, Feroze Khan and Ali Rehman Khan and various bloggers who are encouraging Pakistani’s to drive the change!

Various celebrities are describing their seamless experiences of PSO Hi-Octane 97 Euro 5 in a series of videos. With such a progressive initiative it seems like PSO Hi-Octane 97 Euro 5 is a brand which believes in helping the nation head in the right direction while overcoming challenges posed by climate change.

Pakistan surely seems to be accelerating towards a sustainable future for its younger generations thanks to the efforts of responsible companies such as PSO, here are some reasons to prove that PSO Hi-Octane 97 Fuel of Euro 5 international standard caters to the requirement of all the top end cars that have Euro 5 compliant engine and require Euro 5 standard fuel.

  • Increases engine life
  • Reduces engine deposition effects, which leads to improved performance
  • Comprises of lower Sulphur content and controlled contents of Benzene
  • Since it reduces harmful emissions, using PSO Hi- Octane 97 Euro 5 Fuel regularly results in significantly cleaner air (reduction in the emissions of pollutants such as volatile organic compounds and particulates), reduced global warming, and a healthy ecosystem
  • Besides increasing engine life, having lower engine deposits may help improve the mileage and performance of your vehicle
  • Improves fuel consumption, therefore allowing cars to run longer distances with the same amount of fuel


Let’s vow to make a change together by helping PSO in ameliorating the air quality and environment of Pakistan, so that we can breathe in healthier air and our cars can reap the myriad benefits of Hi-Octane 97 Euro 5 Fuel while enjoying optimised performance.